Estonian Maritime Academy (EMERA) is the only educational institution in Estonia offering professional higher and masters’ level education in the maritime field. Our mission is to be internationally recognized and competitive competence centre that provides the maritime market knowledge, education and trainings in the field of shipping, ships’ engineering, port and shipping management, maritime safety and security, hydrodynamics and naval architecture. Our main fields of research include maritime transport, naval architecture and hydrodynamics, maritime safety and security and digitalisation and autonomous shipping. Being one of the schools of the biggest technical university in Estonia – Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) enables the cooperation with other departments of the university to create synergies. Additionally, EMERA has close co-operation with maritime cluster companies, associations and public authorities in Estonia. Research group of Maritime transport focuses on two main areas: 1. Smart and energy efficient environments: The studies analyse the present shipping business, and study how the new fuels, vessel design and operative changes will affect the shipping business models and operations. 2. Future governance: The functioning and competitiveness of shipping companies, port, and maritime sectors in various shipping market situations. (A10-W model) will be performed. This WP will output blueprints for both the scaled A0-PSmodel and the AIRSHIP-1 model.

TalTech team is in charge of WP2 – integrated sustainability assessment framework, analysing business cases, environmental footprint and sustainability as well as social impact of the proposed technology.