Mechatronics Research Group (MRG) belongs to Automation and Mechanical Engineering Unit of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at Tampere University. MRG is a multidisciplinary group of 25 scientist, whose skills range from software and embedded electronics development to structural design and vehicle dynamics studies. This enables unique multidomain research approach which addresses all subdomains of modern complex machine systems. MRG has four key research areas: Aircraft engineering, autonomous vehicles (air, sea and land), non-road mobile working machinery and digital twin technologies. MRG’s laboratory infrastructure includes fully-equipped prototyping workshop and testing facilities. MRG also has field testing capability which is uncomparable among university research groups.

TAU’s role is to study and simulate different known configurations of WIG crafts, as the basis to propose the most suitable design for the project goals. CFD simulation (A0-D model) and wind tunnel tests (A10-W model) will be performed. This WP will output blueprints for both the scaled A0-PSmodel and the AIRSHIP-1 model.