La Palma Research Centre for Future Studies is an independent, internationally active geoscience think-tank headquartered on Isla la Palma, Spain. Built on decades of experience the Centre’s social and scientific network extends to most European countries and has working contacts with professionals from around the globe.

LPRC leads Work Package 9: Dissemination, outreach and roadmapping. LPRC also participates on tasks related to business cases, environmental footprint, sustainability, social impact. The core of the Work Package focuses on creating and implementing the communication and dissemination activities of the project to boost its impact and ensure the project’s information reaches all relevant stakeholders, as well as ensuring the exploitation after the funded period. Clustering aims to set a network of projects and companies that would share synergies with the project facilitating the widening of the project’s reach and create collaborations aimed at overcoming bottlenecks. Roadmapping will allow new development routes for the AIRSHIP technology and final product.